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There is a broad chasm between classic ballet and modern dance but they all vanish in contemporary dance. Besides, there is a contemporary ballet – a new kind of dance that borrows movement and technique from ballet and freedom of clothing from contemporary. In fact, this dance is a mastery fusion of classic ballet, jazz, and other dancing styles that formed over the 20th century.
Contemporary ballet is a new turn in the development of the classic dance. The art changes with the time; we cannot expect styles and techniques remain stable for ages. Dance reflects our life in the first place; that is why contemporary ballet will be completely different from the classic ballet of the 19th century. Dances are like language; they develop together with the people who speak this language. A dance cannot exist in the vacuum. If people change, their art will not remain the same.

A dance is more than just steps or technique. It is a piece of art that conveys emotions of the dancer. Dance is inseparable from the music that gives the rhythm and mood to the movement. Also, we cannot imagine the dance without appropriate costumes. Whether a fiery flamenco dress or a weightless tutu skirt, they give us the right impression of the dance. While dancing ourselves, we always like putting on all those beautiful costumes that highlight graceful moves.
Dancing without costumes is like painting a picture on a second-hand paper. Half of the magic we can feel from dance is created by a special piece of clothing. Rich ballroom dresses are really impressive, and short Latin suits look spectacular. Folk costumes are very complex and sophisticated just like costumes for historic dances. Without these garments, the dance would seem rather empty.

Modern dance is not a narrative type of art. It was designed to express emotions, not tell the story. We always try to decode whatever we can see, find some hidden meaning in things. But this approach is not always correct. Sometimes we just need to feel and appreciate the performance, nothing else. This is exactly the approach friendly to modern dance.

The prospect of analysis and interpretation may actually depress the audience. We want artists to make their expression clear and we get annoyed when there is something like an open final in the story. However, if we approach the objects of art on the emotional level, we may find that any interpretation is redundant. In a dance, there is only a dancer and the emotions they pass on to the public. If we stop ignoring the emotional message of the performance, we may actually like the art we did not understand before.

In plastic plays, actors use their mimic and movements instead of words. Plastic theater is also called a “silent theater” meaning that body language, music, and settings can substitute a straightforward verbal expression. A plastic play has something in common with dancing. Actors move in a very special graceful manner to express their intentions.
Plastic theater emerged only recently under the influence of modern trends in art. The 20th century was the time for breaking canons and setting new standards. Directors began to mix drama with pantomime, dancing, and other forms of performance trying to make their plays more innovative and attract the new audience to the theater. In fact, plastic theater was powered by the idea that any performance is more than actors telling their lines. They also involve body language and lively emotions to help the audience appreciate the performance.

Searching for a perfect Saturday night activity, we so often prefer films and ignore plays in the nearby theater. Our parents would tell that we are so young and do not understand a thing about art. In fact, the majority of people enjoy movies irrespective of their age – that is why we call cinema a part of a popular culture.
Theater and cinema remain two gigantic performing arts. We cannot evaluate one over the other unless we refer to our subjective tastes. Comparing the cinema and theater, we shall say that cinema is much more modern. Theater usually stages classic plays from the cultural heritage, while cinema is all about pop-culture. Movies put us directly into an imaginary reality with their special effects.
On average, movies are not as sophisticated and philosophical as drama plays. If we want to go somewhere with friends and have fun, we always choose a movie theater. Drama and opera require deeper comprehension and some analysis. Trying to have a rest, we usually choose movies because we do not actually need to think much about them if we do not want to.

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Nowadays cooking is not an everyday procedure, especially for those people who live both active and hectic lives. What is means is that majority chooses eating out, going for takeouts or even buying processed foods. The latter are very unhealthy. However, not so many people take that into consideration.

Being healthy and fit is of great importance these days. It is not about maintaining a good-looking image. It is about staying healthy and not getting sick. Food is of great significance in this respect.

Luckily, there is a huge range of organic foods to choose from. In such a way, a person can eat healthy and be sure that the food she or he has bought is of good quality. Even though the shelves in the supermarkets are packed with all possible kinds of food, not all of those items are as healthy as we expect them to be. For this reason, organic goods are a great option. You are sure in their quality and you know where they come from. What is more, almost every product has its organic equivalent. If you want to find out more about organic food as well as where to get it, feel free to visit …

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Obviously, legal drinking age differs from country to country. Yet, such laws usually apply only to drinking alcohol at public places. The United Kingdom is the only country that prohibits drinking alcohol at home under a certain age. Speaking about the average minimum legal drinking age, it is 15.9. Most counties have set the boundary at the age of 18. Yet, the problem of teenage drinking still exists. Even though the legal drinking age in the United States of America is 21, the law seems to be ineffective.

Apart from that, young people who are 18 or even 16 consider themselves to be adults. That is why, they refuse to understand this law. They are convinced that their freedom rights are violated in such a way. However, it is not merely about freedom. It is also about responsibility as most people are not quite good at responsible drinking. As a result, they get into a lot of trouble under the influence of alcohol. The idea of raising the legal drinking age to 25 has emerged relatively recently. The only drawback is that it may be counterproductive. Find out more information about legal drinking age at …

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